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tauchequipment bei den bavarian sunshine divers

scuba diving • rental equipment

Sunshine Divers Club is equipped with only highly qualitative equipment, for every diver, every size enough lending equipment exists. We dispose

    rental equipment of sunshine divers30 full equipment sets
    suits and BCDs in high quality140 aluminium tanks 12 ltr.
    Scuba diving equipment always in best condition5 aluminium tanks 15 ltr.
    Scuba diving equipment always in best condition17 aluminium tanks 12 ltr.
    High quality in diving equipment 4 aluminium nitrox tanks 15 ltr.
    Nitrox for free at Sunshine-DiversNitrox filling station with Divemix for exaclty 32% Nitrox

• NEW •

We are Aqua Lung's Partner Center with up to date and well maintained rental equipment. Recently we raised our stock in suits. Now we have over 100 shorties and long suits in all sizes. This material is very comfortable, we guarantee no freezing an ferfect fit.
Aqualung Partner - Sunshine Divers Club

• NEW •

Get more fun in scuba diving with our divecomputer from Suunto.
The computer costs only 4 euros per day and gives you a completely secure feeling when you can watch your depth at any time and decompression time. Of course you can buy it in our diveshop for 165 .
Attention: Club Members receive 10% off!
rent a divecomputer Suunto Zoop at Sunshine Divers Club

    Preise bei den Sunshine Diversklick here to see our prices

faszinierende tauchgänge bei den sunshine divers tauchen mit klaus in sharm

absperrbarer equipment raum - Sunshine-Divers
Shorty von Aqualung Equipment Raum für Boxen gut gewartete Atemregler bei Sunshine Divers Club
Wir legen Wert auf hohe Qualität fürs Leihequipment Das Equipment wir ständig gewartet Die Ausrüstung bei Sunshine Divers nur von namhaften Herstellern
Flossen in allen Größen Unsere Ausrüstung in bester Qualität Tauchausrüstung bei Sunshine Divers Club
Neue Anzüge von Aqualung Tarierwesten von Aqualung Unser Equipmentraum