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• history of the sharks bay

sharks bay history

Over 25 years ago, Sharks Bay was a popular resting place for goats and camels!  Fresh water flowed from the mountains into Sharks Bay – today the rock formations are still visible in the surrounding area.

Local legend has it that a large shark regularly swam the waters close by; stories are told of children swimmng with this big fish and so, the name Sharks Bay was born.  Sharks Bay is the second oldest resort in Sharm El Sheikh and its Beduoin roots are still visible today.

Many fishing boats crossed here in the Gulf of Aqaba. To please the local Beduoins, fishermen used to provide them with freshly caught fish which was always gratefully accepted. In return, the Beduoins provided the fishermen with bread and milk.

Times have changed now in Sharm El Sheikh.  Fishing boats are no longer permitted and the large shark is no more.  Sharks Bay has developed into a beautiful local resort that regularly entices divers from all over the world, often prompted by a mention or two in the Lonely Planet travel guides. Guests travel from as far a field as New Zealand and Australia.  Each year we welcome friends back to Sunshine Divers – many come for their first visits as guests and leave as friends who return time and time again.

The emergence of the Sunshine Divers Club:

In May 2007 I met Mr. Farag Saad. He is Bedouin and landowner of part of the Sharks Bay. We agree to establish the Sunshine Divers Club. I took over the management and thus we opened a German and International divecenter on the beautiful Sharks Bay. I met Farag Saad as a very friendly and nature-loving human and I know his commitment to value in this regard. Mr. Farag Saad and I wish you wonderful moments in Sharm, whether diving or snorkeling. Of course, non-divers are also welcome with us!

Farag Saad and Klaus Reinhard












Beduine Fareg Saad